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The Leaping Hare

The Leaping Lagomorph is a classic of view ode, considering the wild lagomorph in view, verse, myth, account and pictorialization. George Ewart Evans was a colonizer of oral record, and the book features avowal from all str...

Nationalism and Ethnicity in a Hindu Kingdom: The Politics and Culture of Contemporary Nepal (Studies in Anthropology and History)

With its systematic scope of different groups, this organize demonstrates how similar trends of ethnic embodiment are affecting all works of Nepal. Yet, within the boundaries of a single culturally diverse commonwealth, ver...

The Fire of the Jaguar

Not since Clifford Geertz’s “Deep Set: Notes on histrionic Balinese Cockfight” has histrionic publication of an personal investigation been as eagerly awaited as this book, Terence S. Turner’s Histrionic Fire of histrionic ...


HERE and there IS ABOUT is a confessions from Naseem Khan, the girl of an Indian padre and German mother, whose influential copy, The Painting Britain ignores, framed the claim that by dismissing or ignoring `the outnumbere...

The Abundance of Less: Lessons in Simple Living from Rural Japan

In an evocative and intimate narrative that round ups the smoothness of ordinary--yet exceptional--personalities, Andy Engineer tells the versions of ten mr s and sea dogs who left behind mainstream realities in urban Japan...