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Early Australian Diamond Discoveries: Information on Where Diamonds Have Been Found in Australia & How to Identify Them (Australian Gemstone Series) (Volume 2)

This manual contains tales on early Australian rhombus discoveries, and also includes details on how to identify the diamonds you find. The lore included has come from early original community authorities. Through the allow...

Early History of New Zealand: From Earliest Times to 1840; From 1840 to 1845 (Classic Reprint)

Portion from Betimes History of Freshly Zealand: From Earliest Times to 1840, From 1840 to 1845 Well-informed writer in one of the primary scandal sheets of the colony, some three years ago, said, To this time it is most di...

Among the High Hills of Canterbury

James Gibson look backs on his shepherding and farming experiences in Canterbury New Zealand from the mid 1920'fine feather to 1940. He writes with a deep love of the land and the people worked it, and provides a fascinatin...

French Polynesia History and Culture: Early Settlement

French Polynesia History and Savoir-faire. Early Happy medium. Folks, Tradition and Lifestyle. A Book for travel and Information. Polynesian savoir-faire, the beliefs and practices of the indigenous human races of the ethno...