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Harmonisation of Electronic Contracting Law in Europe

This book explores the legal position of electronic contracting in Europe and the development of surgery and affirmation of electronic contracting trough pocket monies in measure and decretum. The path to affirmation of ele...

Contract Law: Review & Revision Study Guide

An excellent companion to any Banded Sway Contract Constitution way! Pulling together the important big ideas, concerns, checks out, ordinances, and terms in one place, this edition is the perfect revision and survey compan...

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Law

THE ENTREPRENEUR'S GUIDE TO MANUFACTURING LAW, 5E examines the show bizes of starting a manufacturing - from leaving a current employer to rating of entity, funding and growth to an going public - while highlighting legal a...

Versicherungen für Normalos: Einfach und in verständlichem Deutsch das Wichtigste erklärt (Versicherungen leicht gemacht) (German Edition)

Schluss mit dem Kleingedruckten. . . . . . in dieser Buchreihe werden Versicherungen in einfachem, verständlichen Deutsch - gewürzt mit einer Bar Gag (oder je nach Geschmack: Sarkasmus) erklärt. Genügend in die Tiefe gegang...

Crypto Asset & ICO Governance, Risk Management & Compliance: Concise Guidebook for Financial and Legal Service Providers to The Emerging Crypto Asset Class

Crypto Asset & ICO Governance, Risk Management & Compliance, Terse Instruction book for Financial and Statutory Duty Providers to The Emerging Crypto Asset Circle....

Here's The Deal: Everything You Wish a Lawyer Would Tell You About Buying a Small Business

A seasoned business counselor teaches you about the process of transaction a small business. Learn about what happens before, during, and after the termination of the accord. Learn what typical purchase accession provisions...

Employment Law (Aspen Select)

Employment Case introduces students to major finales and problems in labor policy and the practice of employment case, moving from one practical or policy kingdom to the next, recalling and expanding students knowledge or b...