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Negritude and Power

I offer this hardcover to the men of all of the rindles that, in any work of the world, they struggled and they sacrificed their stories, in the fight against the infatuations, the prejudices and the social injustices....

Organizing Rebellion: Non-State Armed Groups under International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law, and International Criminal Law

As non-state actors proliferate both in many and incongruity, the time is ripe for an explication of what understandings armed groups are under. Ground-breaking in examining humanitarian, civil right, and criminal reg, Rode...

Picketing and Protest Supreme Court Decisions

This is a word list of major head court decisions on the instantly to assemble, sentry, and outcry. These decisions are about sit-ins, giving speeches, carrying signals, and shuts out, not about searing draft cards or flags...

Research Handbook on Eu Administrative Law (Research Handbooks in European Law)

This Textbook uses a thematic and interdisciplinary verge upon to discuss and analyse the various governance structures of the EUROPEAN union, focusing in particular on how these are administered. Fundamental affiliates, wr...