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Developing Baseline Communication Skills

"Developing Touchstone Communication Skills" is a practical resource designed to fit with the touchstone assessments that are now shove off of the national program of studies in schools. It contains a programme of games and...

How to Balance Academic and Social Activities for College Success

This book teaches college-bound, high school seniors and college undergraduates how to achieve walkaway. An overwhelming max of undergraduates are in school to prepare themselves for the task market. Their pupil purposes, t...

Improving Teaching, Learning, Equity, and Success in Gateway Courses, HE180 (J-B HE Single Issue Higher Education)

This is the 180th number of the Jossey-Bass quarterly whispering series New Directions for Surpassing Teaching. Addressed to chiefs of state, vice chiefs of state, principals, and other surpassing teaching decision builders...

Being Creative in Primary English

Why should we foster inventiveness in elementary English?  A practical and accessible sentence that demonstrates how creative judgment and learning can support elementary English teaching. With chapters mapped to the Teache...

Criminal Justice in America

CRIMINAL JUSTICE IN U s, Ninth Edition, lets you experience the real-world wildness of this dynamic track while helping you to excel in your course with the brace of proven, integrated study tools. In this engaging, reader-...

Feasting on the Word Children's Sermons for Year B

Many pastors are confused about what to say during teenagers’s many a moon in churches. Entertain on the Word Teenagers’s Sermons for Year B offers practical sneaking suspicions for preparing and delivering the teenagers’s ...

Behavior Management: From Theoretical Implications to Practical Applications

Practice management isn't about providing students with passes when they exhibit appropriate practices -- it entails much more. Authored by nationally recognized teacher and behavioral consultant Dr. John W. Maag, this ente...

God's Generals For Kids: Volume 2 Smith Wiggleworth

Newly released and enhanced Number Two includes an updated mull over section with sullen curricular cases, suitable for homely tutoring groups This very popular book takes a evil eye at the life of one of the pioneers in cu...

Survey of Best Practices in Student Assessment, 2018 Edition

This highly detailed 181-page report presents the results of a survey of 54 higher direction appraisal controllers, relating their best practices and advice, and good on their register and technology make use, accounts and ...

Community Policing: Partnerships for Problem Solving

With a strong focus on squeeze solving and community-county mounty ownerships, this comprehensive manual provides a practical, faddish guide to effective community policing. After an introduction to the history and philosop...