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The Golden Age

Typical of his culture and his era, Grahame casts his reminiscences in representation and metaphor rooted in the culture of Primordial Greece, to the children whose reactions are recorded in the booklet, the persons in thei...

The Visions Of Swift Elk: The Greatest Leader In The World

The Visions of Swift Elk is a feature of unearthing. While an elder nears the end of his juncture, the need for a new chief is clear. However, leadership can't be claimed or taught. It must be discovered. This is the journe...

La Marioneta Rota (Los MIL y un DIAS) (Volume 5) (Spanish Edition)

Once upon a time, there was an my friend who had worked all his life in a puppet scene for children. One day the scene closed its door because children stopped coming to see the profession. The owner of the puppets offered ...

Sleepy Rhymes

Sleepy Rhymes is more than just a bedtime narrative. Each poem serves to nourish the mind to inspire, teach, and soothe to sleep. Like a song, the rhymes are filled with colors, shouting, and lessons of the natural world. E...

The Princess and the Pea: Pass the Pea Pressure Test! (Fairy Tale Fixers: Fixing Fairy Tale Problems With Stem)

To prove her regality, the princess must pass an impossible trial: to feel a single pea under layers of mattresses! In this innovative retelling of the classic ghost story, lectors will problem-solve the princess out of her...

King Arthur and the Dragon Rider Episode 8: Minecraft Magic Sword (King Arthur Comic Series) (Volume 8)

King Arthur decides to put his recent harasses with the scheming Minecraft Lugubrious Knight and the evil witch Morgana behind him and goes hunting deer in the silvas with King Lancelot. But while there, the king and his kn...