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This is an blue nightmare intended for persons only. If you are not interested in bimbofication smut, please do not purchase this book. What's the difference between sex and love? What happens if a wife decides to hold out on her husband? What should happen if she decides to prioritize her pilgrimage over the man in her life? Jason never wanted to deal with these difficulties, but now he must choose. His friend is developing a new chemical, one that could turn any woman desiring and deferential. This special concoction, once inhaled, bimbofies the beneficiary. It doesn’t matter how smart or ambitious she may have been. This should be an impossible choice…but it’s not. For too long, his wife has ignored him. Now it's time for her to remember her real priorities. Jason gives her a dose of this new chemical, and her emotions changes fitting away. She's more like the girl he first slash in love with. For one, she’s desperately desiring. She’ll now do everything for an peak. Second, she's so much more fun! She’s definitely happier now that she doesn't have to worry about the stress of going into work. As a malkin wife, Mia only wants to serve her husband. She wants to put on slutty costumes. She be eagers for to spread her columns and get taken from any point of compass. Before her transmogrification, Mia believed in silly perceptions like feminist movement and stateliness. Now she barely understands those discussions because she's just an capricious malkin eager to please. Mia’s transmogrification needs to be reinforced with daily doses of the malkin concoction. If she manages to slip away, even for just a little while, Jason might not be able to get her another dose in time. Who knows what’d happen if she could think for herself?Please be advised: This 7,000 word smut contains bimbofication, bondage, and ingredients of mind control. All frames of mind are consenting persons over the age of 18.

Marital Perfection Erica Timms eBook download free

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Book reviews

Marital Perfection


Didn't have high expectations for the X-Man but it was an engrossing conte. A good accomplice piece to Bloods, sort of takes up where the other leaves off.

2020-09-10 09:37


this book was good, but glamour was stunning. i would suggest glamour cause its good to try glamour. very "rough" supply[profanity and others.] its worth a buckshot though

2020-09-06 15:34


Imagine the semi-abstract brain wave of television personfified as sentient being. Now imagine having a conversation with said individual via lucille jump.

2020-01-24 07:09


Become to love those woolly little individuals!!! Positive story - didn't realize so much went into the construction and establishment of the spectacle.

2020-01-20 04:11


Hilarious. The best chapter is you can't kill the cockalorum. Oh, this publication makes me so happy.

2019-12-20 14:45

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Marital Perfection Erica Timms eBook download free

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