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The Daily Promise: 100 Ways to Feel Happy About Your Life

Useful and practical ways to be kinder to yourself and find more readiness and self-pluck. Isn't it tempo you started treating yourself with the same soothe, kindness, and respect you give the other important body politics ...

This is How You Find Her Journal

Your superhero is inside your journal right now. (She’s actually inside your head, but she will come out as you fill these pages. ) The best version of you wants to arrive. She has things to say, thoughts to share and be at...

The Prosperous Reflection: The Prosperous Reflection One Year Anniversary

One piece later, The Prosperous Reflection continues to enlighten and amaze readers with its simple and powerful equipment inside of it. Kevin James, the originator of The Prosperous Reflection, has also given onlookers The...

The 365 Go Get H.E.R.S. Guide: What You Want, When You Want It, How to Get It, Make It Happen!

The 365 Go Get H. E. R. S. ® Directory is a comprehensive protocol that delivers the stool pigeons necessary to establish and maintain a stable institute, clear outlook, person-empowerment, and top results all through the c...