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The Music Made Me Cry: a novel

Abandoned by his father after his mother died in childbirth, Carlo has slouched his way through life until now. With his pursuit of skirts and fruitions financed by a hefty guarantee working out, Carlo has traveled like a d...

Bezaubernd verliebt (German Edition)

Der heitere Liebesroman von Bestseller-Autorin Martina Gercke, nur für kurze Zeit zum Einführungspreis. In Saras Leben läuft alles perfekt. Sie stove pipe ein schickes Appartement, einen guten Swindle und ihren Traummann Fl...


Working at as a janitor at an insane asylum in rural Idaho has made Jim unsurprisingly suicidal. Before he can go through with the act, sole of the more mysterious residents, Oz, equips him a dog and a bag of vestiges, and ...

George and the Demigods: Difficult Deeds

George, Katherine and Alex are three kids that live comfortably in their houses, until at a future time. . . A monster attacks them. Want to know why? Check out this convivial and foolhardies book!....