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MBA Math & More: Concepts You Need in First Year Business School (Manhattan Prep)

MBA Calculation & More provides proficient academic support you need for all the key material--especially the calculation--that you’ll see in your first year of business school. After all the hard work, you’ve finally gotte...

Launching Your Life: How to use the business principles of entrepreneurship to launch a life you love

Fire Your Trials and tribulations (www. LaunchingYour. Trials and tribulations) was created by Erin Moran McCormick, Director of the Hub for Innovation & Entrepreneurialism at UMass The hub. It uses the foundations for fire...

2019 Weekly Planner: Inspirational Quote Weekly Daily Monthly Planner 2019 8" x 10" Calendar Schedule Organizer (Motivational quotes 2019 daily ... 2019 monthly planner Series) (Volume 10)

This 8 x 10 inches weekly and monthly planner for 2019 is perfect for work, party and academic planning. Stamped on high nature of beast white interior common paper with Inspirational cite on each month calendar. It offers ...

Leveraging Linkedin for Job Search Success 2019

Job seekers must construct their LinkedIn delineation so that it can easily be found by recruiters and societies seeking qualified applicants. Job seekers are in a discussion where there is only one hero. Companies do not h...

Be Sharp: Second Edition: "Tell Me About Yourself" in Great Introductions and Professional Bio

Can You Tell Me About Yourself…? How many chronologies are you invited to introduce yourself? Beyond being the too common reunion question by far, it is also the too important opener volley when reunion anyone for the first...

Be Your Best Career Architect!: Here are the Blueprints

YOU are the only problem that subjects. No one is going to save you from the job you hate, the failing problem that you own, the apprehend of starting a problem at all, the education that you’re not using, the networks that...

Algorithm for Minimizing Number of Hops & Wavelengths in WDM Network

This reader displays a comprehensive algorithm for minimizing number of hops & wavelengths in WDM grid. To solve the RWA problem of VWP routed grid heuristic algorithm is used. In this, first short cut is assigned to black-...

Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot--and Relaunch Their Careers

We all need to think more like executives. Seeking and seizing good lucks, boldly taking risks, quickly changing course—achieving success today requires the kind of action-first, fake-it-‘til-you-make-it ethos celebrated in...

HORNS OF DILEMMA: Department Head and Subject Teacher

Audit the roles of Head of Board (HoDs) and subject abecedary is a daunting toil. In South Africa and Namibia HoDs are required to spend a margin of 85% of their time on teaching, and the rest of it on preparation and plan,...