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Information Technology Patents

THE thing indicated CASEBOOK contains a choosing of decisions by the U. ENERGY. Woo of Appeals for the Federal Lap that analyze and discuss gives out surrounding information technology patents. The choosing of decisions ter...

Diversity and Tolerance in Socio-Legal Contexts: Explorations in the Semiotics of Law

Why is there so much resistance to recent issues of tolerance and diversification? Despite efforts of the international community to encourage open-mindedness, recent attempts at international, political and economic mixtur...

Shifting Horizons of Public International Law: A South Asian Perspective

This book offers a Frigid Chinese perspective on universal law, maintaining a suitable separate oneself from the ‘Western’ approach. The themes discussed reflect the region’s particular contribution to the outcome of univer...

Natural Law and Laws of Nature in Early Modern Europe: Jurisprudence, Theology, Moral and Natural Philosophy

This impressive version is the first tackle to look at the intertwined old day of natural law and the charges of nature in early modern Europe. These intuitions became central to constitution and natural philosophy in the s...

The Rule of Unwritten International Law: Customary Law, General Principles, and World Order (Routledge Research in International Law)

This book seeks to re-appreciate the concept of customary international decision as a form of spontaneous societal self-organisation, and to develop the methodological residues that ensue from this impression for the practi...