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If the Buddha Had an Autoimmune Disease: The Shocking Truth about the Self and the End of Suffering

If you've been searching for a different perspective of mending and how to relieve the extra discomfort that comes with disease, the Buddha has a lot to teach. Explore what is behind your discomfort and learn to reconnect w...

Good Time Management, Reach Your Goals with Hypnosis and Meditation

Do you have tumult managing your time well? Do you get stressed out trying to accomplish everything you need to? Learn how to manage your time better and be more organized and productive with this soothing new guided intros...

Improve Focus & Concentration Affirmations: Sharp Focus with Soothing Nature Hypnosis & Meditation

Having problems focusing? Get the help you need to heighten your focus and absorption with affirmations. These affirmations are highly effective and a wonderful way to help you naturally focus and move past interferences so...