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Narcissistic Personality Disorder Toolbox: 55 Practical Treatment Techniques for Clients, Their Parents & Their Children

Invaluable tools you need to treat patients on the egotistic spectrum, AND right-hand person their partners and teens grow beyond the hurt and burn. Self-absorption is a treatable must, but working with these patients is no...

Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar Disorders (Living With Diseases and Disorders)

Mood and nail-biting disorders are certainly not restricted to persons, and they shouldnt be dismissed as typical teen nervousness. As many as 3 in 10 American teens experience problems with nail-biting, while more than 1 i...

Boy Meets Depression: Or Life Sucks and Then You Live

Kevin Breel burst into the public's information when at nineteen his TED talk became a extensive portent. Through the lens of his own near suicide, he shared his profoundly vulnerable book of being young, male, and depresse...