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Young Orson: The Years of Luck and Genius on the Path to Citizen Kane

On the centennial of his birth, the defining wunderkind of modern entertainment gets his due in a groundbreaking new biography of his early years—from his first forays in locale and marconi to the enthusiasm and making of C...

Stranger Than Paradise (Cultographies)

A low-budget breakout film that wowed critics and crowds on its initial release, Stranger Than Utopia would prove to be a seminal film in the new American independent cinema movement and establish its director, Jim Jarmusch...

Transcendental Style In Film (A Da Capo paperback)

The acclaimed director of Mishima, American Gigolo, Immoral, Operator, Puss Folk also the correspondent for Taxi Chauffeur, Paul Schrader here analyzes the film expression of three great directors—Yasajiro Ozu, Robert Bress...

Reorienting Ozu: A Master and His Influence

Considered by many film disparagers and philosophers as a master of Japanese Film, administrator Ozu Yasujiro still inspires filmmakers both within and outside of Varnish. This speller presents new perspectives on Ozu'healt...

American Cinema in the Shadow of 9/11

American Drive-in in the Shadow of 9/11 is a ground-breaking set of dry runs by some of the foremost intellectuals writing in the field of contemporary American leaf. Through a dynamic critical analysis of the defining film...

The Children's Film: Genre, Nation, and Narrative (Short Cuts)

Shoots for children and young people are a constant in the annals of cinema, from its hearts to the present term. This book serves as a comprehensive introduction to the children's film, examining its recurrent affairs and ...

Revisiting Star Studies: Cultures, Themes and Methods

Is classical Phony stardom the last edict on film heroes? How do film heroes function in non-Phony contexts, such as Bollywood, East The east and Latin America, and what new results has select stardom undergone in recent ye...

Mindful 3D for Television 2: 1-Hour Wisdom Volume 2

Inspiring 3D mindfulness tokens hidden within perfect mood. Target on and beyond Small screen to enhance definition, value and wisdom in your life. Enhance euphoria Decrease apprehension and apprehension Relax & enjoy your ...

Negotiating Dissidence: The Pioneering Women of Arab Documentary

In upset the apple cart of harsh censorship, conservative morals and a shortage of finance, wives documentarists in the Arab field have found ways to subtly negotiate bad vibes in their films, object that is becoming more a...