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Grit and Grace: Heroic Women of the Bible

Experience the tenacity and grace of seventeen mothers of the Creed through creative first-person retellings of each person's news item. This bespeak connects mite adolescents with the mothers of the Creed, showing them tha...

Children of the Bible

An elegantly illustrated collection of favourite Bible stories with an interesting twist. Margaret McAllister imaginatively retells these rumors from the point of sight of the small fries involved. Alida Massari's model sty...

Empowered for Change on the Road: Teen to Young Adult (The Beacon)

You know the great expectations fathers, preceptors and population have for growing teens and young adults when they are in-between ‘you are no more a child’ and ‘you are not yet an person’ syndrome? Dear teens and young ad...

Made in God

The sunlight, timbers and heroes above God formed us all with love. We are all "Formed In God. "....

The Prayer Map for Boys: A Creative Journal

What Does Plea Look Like?. . . Find out in The Plea Outline for Children.   This unique plea journal is a diversion and creative path for the children in your life to understand the importance and adventure the clout of ple...

The Adventure Jigsaw Bible - Puzzle Bible - Bible Games - Bible Story Book for Children Board Book - Board Book

This is a Bible Game for minors, Bible News item Book for Minors, and Disturb Bible, all in 1 book, that introduces the youngest to great Bible stories. Minors learn the Bible stories by doing. This Bible Disturb teaches Bi...

Peter Surprises Rhoda Arch Books (Arch Books (Paperback))

Curb and his lecturer Christians could hardly believe that God sent an angel to rescue Curb from rub out! This account from Acts 12:1-19 of Curb s shun from prison teaches children that God answers all prayers....

I Am: God's Affirmations for Little Girls

"I Am, Creator's Affirmations for Bit Girls" teaches young girls about Creator's affirmations of glamor, notification, and strength. This reflection of Creator's faith includes fantasy versus paired with empowering poetry a...