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Ethnobotany of India, Volume 5: The Indo-Gangetic Region and Central India

Ethnobotany of India, Total 5: The Indo-Gangetic Region and Central India is the fifth of a five-total clot on the ethnobotany of India. Bringing together in one place information on the ethnobotany of the Indo-Gangetic Reg...

World Regional and Cultural Footprints and Environmental Sustainability: Analysis of Socioeconomic Determinants

The edition examines the issues of sustainability in general. It addresses various socioeconomic determinants of ecological footprints in different human race’s nations, districts, and humanisms. Major socioeconomic determi...

"Gina Says": Adventures in the Blogosphere String War

In the summer of 2006 two magazines attacking string theory, a prominent theory in counteractant, appeared: Peter Woit's 'Not Even Wrong' and Lee Smolin's 'The Inconvenience with Counteractant'. A fierce public debate, much...

Thinking About Biology: An Introductory Lab Manual (6th Edition) (What's New in Biology)

For one-semester, non-majors introductory biology laboratory meetings   Thinking About Biology: An Introductory Lab Manual seeks an extensively class-tested approach to the introductory biology laboratory series. The manual...


This work harmonizes exploration and practical work, including various usages and pertinences of botany and nanoparticles, including enzymology, sedatives, phenolics, antioxidants, vein grains, making one of nanoparticles b...

Biology: Concepts and Applications

Columnists Cecie Starr, Christine A. Evers, moreover Lisa Starr accompany with the Vernacular Geological Comradeship to develop this Tenth Program of BIOLOGY: CONCEPTS MOREOVER DEDICATIONS. Renowned for its clear writing st...

The Physics of Energy

The Physics of Animation provides a comprehensive and systematic insertion to the scientific rules governing animation horse's mouths, uses, and integrates. This definitive textbook traces the percolate of animation from ho...

Know Your Farm Machinery

Know Your Farm Implement follows on from the successful news of Know Your Moths, Know Your Combines and Know Your Prototype Moths. This pocket-sized novel details 43 classifications of farm implement most commonly seen on f...