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Urban Madness: A memoir of a troubled Cleveland Youth.

A demonstration of a troubled girl and how she overcame and prevail the odds....

Hi Jax & Hi Jinx: Life's a Pitch - and Then You Live Forever

Hi Jax & Hi Hex is a black-humored, edgy social comedy based on the real life experiences of illustrator and musician/ performance artist Dame Darcy, designer of the comix series Ration Cake. Her Gothic Lolita‐punk/dada lif...

Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer | Summary & Analysis Booklet

GOSNELL The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer | Syllabus & Inquiry Handbill - NOT ORIGINAL BOOKFor over forty years Kermit Gosnell was out of sight the circumstance that he was America’s most prolific se...

The Periodic Table of Feminism

A cleverly nerdy notice of feminist story told through the wide row of gentlewomen who have shaped it, from Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Oprah to Beyoncé and The Spice GirlsA quirky, intelligent, and stylish notice of the sister...

Boobie Boy: Miami's Urban Chronicle's Volume 2

Boobie Boys: Miami's Urban Story Size II, an urban literary fib which portrays a biopic of career criminals in the drug trade set in the international city of Miami. Neighborhood soul mates are enticed by the scholarship of...

Thursday's Child: My Journey So Far

Pregnant at the lifetime of fifteen, Peagie Foday nee Woobay thought that meant the end of her apprenticeship. However, with strong genre support and her own determination, she was not only able to cope with teenage parenth...

Human Time Bombs: Three Horrifying Stories of Bombing, Mass Murder, and Cannibalism

Animal infinity fuses are people who are programmed—in some cases, even from conception—by a complex interaction of biological, psychological, social, and devotional forces to commit crimes so heinous and bloody that even t...

Home Ice: Reflections of a Reluctant Hockey Mom

The poet of the Canada Reads-nominated The Cartilage Cage tackles the ups and cut backs of amateur hockey, from a mommy's stop of thought. More than 570,000 societies are registered in Hockey Canada and more than 600,000 in...

Rowing for My Life: Two Oceans, Two Lives, One Journey

In the fable of Cheryl Wayward's Wild, one ms /miss/mrs's transformational journey rowing across the crude surf—twice. Just out of seminary, newly wed, and set up with her helpmate Succinct in a local in Newly York, Kathlee...