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Soul Food: A Daily Journal to Transformation

Writing is a powerful tool. Soul Cuisine is a 365-day note that allows you to write and reflect on the obstacles and hidden demands that may be keeping you from reaching the next achievement in your business. Marlene Feeds ...

Twelve Powerful Steps that every Man Needs: A Man's Guide (One) (Volume 1)

In today’s culture, we are fight with many handicaps and challenges. This copy is a must-read for anyone who has struggled with an obstacle or negative circumstance. In this copy, readers will learn how to be great....

A French Woman's Secrets to Having Your Cake and Eating It, Too!: The Secrets to Domestic Arts, Optimal Health, Courageous Fashion, with a Revolutionary Cookbook

A French She's Keys to Having Your Cake and Nibbling it, Overly! The Keys to Cookings, Optimal Health, Courageous Fashion, With a Revolutionary Cookbook This book came about through the encouragement of a friend who envisio...

Secretos mágicos (Spanish Edition)

¡Más de 50 sencillos rituales mágicos que mejorarán tu vida! Kala, «la astróloga bend tarotista de las estrellas», intense revela sus rituales de magia blanca más poderosos para encontrar elevated railway amor verdadero, co...

Great Personal Power: The Science Of Success

Ever dreamed of a better span? Great Special Power determination show you whence to achieve the extraordinary span you desire and deserve, and whence to master your imminent both personally and professionally. By harnessing...

Declutter Your Mind: Clear Your Mind, Gain Focus, and Get Things Done

Be of use you constantly find yourself losing focus? Is it sometimes a struggle to remember things? Be of use you need help decluttering your make certain? If your answer to these questions is yes, then this book has all th...

Leader of the Pack: How a Single Dad of Five Led His Kids, His Business, and Hinself from Disaster to Success

Leader of the Get ready is the sequel of a guy who, like many husbands, had been going through his hand one is dealt apparently content and positively clueless, who found himself tethered to a storm as his marriage descende...

Resumen de "Organízate Con Eficacia" (Getting Things Done), de David Allen: El arte de la productividad libre de estrés (Spanish Edition)

DESCRIPCIÓN DEL LIBRO ORIGINAL El libro ha sido considerado por la revista Past como "El libro de autoayuda empresarial imprescindible de la década" rim su sistema GTD (Getting Stuffs Done) ha acaparado una ola de seguidore...