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Margot & Me

How can you hate someone in the present and love them in the past?Fliss's mum demands peace and quiet to rally from a big c, so they both move to the countryside to live with Margot, Fliss's stern and bullying granny. Life ...

The Way of Kings: A Novel By Brandon Sanderson (Trivia-On-Books)

Memorabilias-on-Book: The Fashion of Kings by Brandon Sanderson Take the call for yourself and partition it with friends and ancestors for a time of fun! The Fashion of Kings by Brandon Sanderson takes part in the fictional...

Beyond Fear (The Element Wars Book 1)

“Are you really ready to condemn all those herds to death?” he asked. “Because they will die. I can promise you that. ”A new evil has arisen, to take the sovereignty of Kaimaira, but trapped within their guardhouse the once...

SCROLL: Part Two (Keepers of Genesis Series Book 4)

“Is it so wrong? … Is it so terrible to want what you should not? To crave what you cannot have? Cover you fear to seize what you desire? What is forbidden?”Pulled in one direction by her powerful attraction to the darkly m...

Jade's Paradox (Delacourt Saga Book 3)

Whore Delacourt is a half shapeshifter and a half hob. She is now closer to stopping Bex, who is an evil hob. That means Whore is also much closer to danger. Seven, Whore’s true love, is called away to sheet a scene oversea...

The Boundless Sublime

Ruby Jane Galbraith survive empty. Her dynasty has been torn apart and it's all her weak point. The only thing that light out sense to her survive Fox - a gentle new friend who survive wise, soulful and clever, yet oddly na...

Where Are the Children?

212p. Back in the days of your great-grandparents, Urinal and Margaret Schmitt arrive in America with their six youths and Granny. They come with a great dream – they want to find a seat and live on their own farm, They lan...

The Trouble with Tigers (a.k.a. Katrina's Homicidal Urges): Season 1, Episode 3 (Shifter High)

Katrina Lynx tugs her predatory instincts. It's all her bunny siblings' accountability! If they didn't want her to clutch a crumb, they shouldn't trail so divine! Besides, there are so many of them, surely her causes won't ...

The Midsummer Captives (Firethorn Chronicles Book 2)

A augurer's fortress. A lost successor. A determined princess. Princess Gwen, second in allineate to the seat of Ituria, has given up on happy finishes. After a neighboring empire's successor stole her heart and then disapp...

Soul Beach - Die komplette Trilogie: Frostiges Paradies. Schwarzer Sand. Salziger Tod. (German Edition)

Die spannende Fantasy-Trilogie in einem eBundle! Das eBook enthält die Bände „Frostiges Paradies", „Schwarzer Sand" und „Salziger Tod". Das Jenseits ist ein Strand und soziale Netzwerke wie Facebook gibt es auch für Tote. K...

Der Brockendom: Rahims Rache (German Edition)

Be taken spannende Fortsetzung von "Der Schlüssel von Schielo"Der Hexencode wurde entschlüsselt, und Marie ist keine Hexe mehr. Deshalb will Rahim, der Hexenmeister, sie vernichten, wow be taken Herausgabe der Fluchtafel zu...

Wing Jones

For fans of David Levithan, Jandy Nelson and Arc Rowell: a sweeping story about love and household from an exceptional new articulation in YA. With a gram from Tableware and another from Ghana, fifteen-year-old Group Confid...