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Discours catéchétique (French Edition)

“ BOLD’enseignement catéchétique est nécessaire aux initiateurs du mystère de la piété, pour permettre à bold’Église de s’accroître sameness bold’augmentation des âmes sauvées, en faisant entendre aux infidèles la parole di...

Natural Law: A Brief Introduction and Biblical Defense (Davenant Guides) (Volume 3)

As Christians, we affirm that Dogma is our final influence to actuality and rectitudes. Some wish to go further and assert that it is our only influence. But how then can we account for the remarkable insight and moral puri...

Kosmology: Luciferian Philosophy

I speak to you of glooms, of night. I entice you to be consumed, astounded and swayed by its bombast. Hear its arguments, see its formless face, and know that the gate through which you now must pass is open now to you alon...

Here I Stand

Revd Christopher Huggett is one of the most original process theologians of our time. Unlike most other such dramatists, who are examiners or philosophers, Christopher writes as a New Testament learned body. His perform is ...

La divinité de Notre-Seigneur Jésus-Christ (French Edition)

« Après être né en Dieu, après avoir parlé en Dieu martian agi en Dieu, après être mort en Dieu martian ressuscité en Dieu, Jésus-Christ règne en Dieu dans le monde. Il règne en Dieu sur les skills standard une foi mystérie...

The First Satan

"The First Demon" is a book every Bible doctrinaire needs to read. Demon has been misunderstood based on pagan and Jewish mythology. Dr Al Garza explores the expansion of Demon from the Hebrew Bible to the 2nd Temple period...

Pentecostal Explorations for Holiness Today: Words from Wesley

This short but powerful volume addresses the important role of sanctification in the lives of orthodoxes. It aims to motivate Christians and assist them in advancing on their journey toward holy crush and Christlikeness. Co...