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Modus operandi One operator Remy Sabatino is leading the Chauffeurs' Elimination, in a car that is the quickest of the season by far. But that also means Sabatino's Russian teammate is the fastest too. . . . Their rivalry c...

The Iscariot Agenda: The Vatican Knights, Book 3

Kimball Hayden is the exec of an elite commando group known as the Vatican Knight errants, a black-op force that entireties for the Sanctuary to protect its sovereignty, its interests, and the welfare of its polity. But Kim...

Green Lama - Mystic Warrior, Volume 1

The spiritual soldier Jethro Dumont was a bored, rich American who hungered to find purpose in this world. His ransack for self-knowledge and gratification led him to a secluded Buddhist monastery high in the Tibetan Sierra...

The Second Chance

The Second Chance is a tragicomic yarn of kidnapping, corporate espionage, and forgotten love that takes the listener from the red dirt throughways of Alabama to the lustrous mines of Mexico. A deadly excavate cave-in at Co...