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Conscious Cuisine: Delicious and simple vegetarian recipees

“I wrote a book of delicious and simple vegetarian prescriptions with Italian and Indian influences. This book is to be used to enhance your consciousness about you eat. I am very optimistic that after you prepare some of t...

Nice & Easy Baked Bean Recipes: Tasty and low-cost vegetarian meals

Tasty and easy to make fares using baked beans. See how functional the humble baked bean can be as the basic ingredient for a wide cross section of cheap and healthfuls pots....

VEGAN: INSTANT POT COOKBOOK - 30 Days Slow Cooking Vegan Plant-Based Recipes (Vegan Diet, Food, Healthy Eating, Vegan for Beginners)

These Simple Vegan Recipes Are The Easy mark You Need For a Strong Healthy Diet TodayThe vegan diet is considered as one of the best viand to adopt owing to the multiple salubriousness pays off that it provides. The diet en...